Patrolling network traffic with SecBI

SecBI’s new software aims to eliminate two of the problems with using traffic analysis in cybersecurity: volume processing of data for actionable threat intelligence and a reliance on network tapping hardware. Here’s how it works. A story by John Breeden II, as … Read More


3 reasons it’s cool to be a hunter

SANS Institute recently listed “Threat Hunter” as the coolest career in its Cyber Talent Immersion Academy. We couldn’t agree more! However, since there is still some skepticism about threat hunting, we decided to ask our own amateur hunter — SecBI … Read More


What does a data scientist do? An Interview with Dr. Liv Aleen Remez, Data Scientist, SecBI

Data Science is a major buzz nowadays. In order to learn more, we’ve interviewed Dr. Liv Aleen Remez,  Data Scientist, about her work at SecBI, about data science and cybersecurity. Liv holds a doctorate in biology, specializing in genetics and bioinformatics, and is … Read More

Clustering results using different algorithms on the same datasets

Using Cluster Analysis for Comprehensive Threat Detection

Cyber-attacks are becoming stealthier and with the ability to remain dormant for long periods of time. Some of the ways malware stays hidden include changing their behavior dynamically and autonomously to avoid detection.It can dynamically generate new communication channels known … Read More