Autonomous Investigation Technology

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology provides advanced threat detection and automated incident response that transforms the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams to achieve comprehensive remediation and prevent long-dwelling breaches. By applying SecBI’s network traffic analysis software, SOCs and MSSPs stay ahead of the next “unknown” attack. SecBI makes threat detection and response, quick, accurate & simple.

By using unsupervised and supervised machine learning and sophisticated enrichment, SecBI augments security operations by enabling faster and better threat hunting. In today’s increasingly connected world, breaches from vulnerable IoT appliances are best detected on the network level. Other malicious communications that typically bypass traditional cybersecurity infrastructure are most effectively detected by applying machine learning to network metadata.

Full Scope Threat Detection
Customer Benefits

Full Scope Incident Detection

SecBI presents analysts with all the affected entities and communications of each suspicious incident into a single narrative, enabling complete and rapid remediation. Performed on a network level for complete visibility for optimal malware detection.

Automated Response

Powered by unsupervised machine learning, SecBI automates the response to malicious communications in the network, reducing time (TTM) from days to minutes, preventing damage to valuable data.

Mimic Security Analysts

SecBI fortifies all tiers of security analysts and threat hunters, using unsupervised machine learning proprietary Autonomous Investigation™ technology, enabling them to focus on response and mitigation.

Network Visibility

As a next-gen Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solution, SecBI offers network analytics for full visibility, eliminating the traditional network blind spots.

Cyber Skillset

Automates the most complex aspects of a security operations center (SOC) workflow, threat investigation and hunting, enhancing the SOC’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Rapid Deployment

Collects metadata available in organizations’ security infrastructure, eliminating the need to deploy network sensors, enabling cloud-based deployments and providing immediate threat detection upon download.

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