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Advanced Threat Detection and Automated Response

Add a layer of behavioral analytics on historical AND real-time data to optimize your existing security tools. Transform a SOC's effectiveness and efficiency by detecting and remediating threats that typically fall under the radar. Stop attacks and eliminate long dwell times by automating threat detection, hunting and response.

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Security Operations Transformed

To address SOC challenges, SecBI automates threat detection and response for fast and accurate incident management. Our AI-based Autonomous Investigation™ technology presents analysts with the full scope detection of the next unknown attack. Better network visibility, faster threat hunting, and multi-source detection reveal malware that typically bypasses other tools such as file-less and BIOS-level attacks or enters via IoT connections.

Customer Benefits

Full Scope
Threat Detection

SecBI presents analysts with a single narrative of all the affected entities and communications of each suspicious incident, including the root cause. With threat detection based from multi-sources of security tools, such as end points, web and mail gateways, analysts have greater visibility in their networks.

Smarter Automated Response

Powered by unsupervised machine learning, SecBI fortifies all tiers of security analysts with smart automation and response, reducing time-to-detect from days to minutes, preventing damage to valuable data and assets. Automated threat hunting enables more pro-active cyber security at a faster, more accurate rate.

Rapid Deployment, Full Network Coverage

Ingests all metadata available in organizations’ existing security infrastructure, enabling cloud-based deployments and providing immediate threat detection upon download. Encrypted data is not a limiting factor. SOCs’ strapped budgets benefit from not requiring special appliances for packet capture.

Partner Benefits

Multiply ROI on
Existing Security Tools

Leverage existing (often unused) telemetry for new levels of visibility and context. Enhance a SOC team’s productivity and efficiency with automated tools in detection, investigation and response. Enhance revenue with new services such as threat hunting and security audits.

Offer Augmented
Threat Detection

Supplement detection capabilities on top of prevention tools. SecBI’s log ingestion combined with analytics, significantly enhance your detection accuracy particularly for the ‘slow and low’ dwelling cyberattacks. Defend unprotected end points such as connected IoT devices and printers.

Provide Automated Incident Response

Automation effectively saves hours of labor while providing consistency of the security operations at the highest level possible. Give SOCs the tools that support their strapped resources. Automate the alert investigation process to reveal the full scope of every incident’s affected entities. Update preventive tools for better blocking.

Autonomous Investigation™ Technology
For Full Scope Incident Detection

For effective threat detection and remediation, organizations need to know the full scope of a security incident as it enters the network. Sounds easy, but uncovering the identify of all the affected entities plus the root cause is time consuming and is often a moving target.

SecBI’s cluster analysis based threat detection ties suspicious behaviors to users and devices, continuously monitoring and weaving together all the historical and forensic evidence to present analysts with the full scope of all the affected entities, including the root cause, within minutes.

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