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Automated Threat Detection & Investigation

Threat detection on a monitor
Threat detection on a monitor

Autonomous InvestigationTM: Where Machine Learning Catalyzes Threat Detection

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology provides automated detection and investigation that drastically reduces security teams’ response times and improves effectiveness of remediation. Utilizing unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms and sophisticated enrichment, SecBI augments security operations by enabling unprecedented threat hunting and incident response speed and capabilities.

Customer Benefits
Full Scope Incident Detection

Full Scope Incident Detection


SecBI offers full scope incident detection, compiling multiple users, domains, assets into a single incident storyline. Powered by this end-to-end narrative, analysts can respond immediately with effective remediation.

Automated Detection & Investigation

Automated Detection & Investigation

SecBI reduces the time to detect advanced and hidden threats from days to minutes with a very low rate of false positives. Analyzes massive amounts of log data from network security gateways, detecting threats typically missed by other vendors thanks to its automated investigation tools and smart management of threat intelligence.

Analyst Augmentation

Analyst Augmentation


SecBI mimics and fortifies an expert cyber security analyst, using unsupervised machine learning proprietary Autonomous Investigation™ technology, to outwit the hackers. By automating detection and investigation, SecBI reduces time spent on threat investigations by up to 90%, enabling security teams to focus on response and mitigation.

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     Security Analyst, European Telco

    "The investigation took 20 minutes instead of over 6 and a half hours"

    “With SecBI, we realized that a number of alerts were related and were able to address the entire incident comprehensively much faster than before – the investigation took 20 minutes instead of over 6 and a half hours and we’re confident that we achieved complete remediation!”





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    Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor, SC Media

    Industry Innovators 2017 - Cyber Threat Analysis and Intelligence

    “This is one of the most creative approaches to breach analysis that we’ve seen and certainly deserves its spot in this year’s class of innovators. Simply, this technique takes a cluster, looks for IoCs and sends the results to the analyst. The process is completely automated and completely software (no hardware). It can analyze months of data in a few hours.”




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