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About SecBI and its XDR Platform

About SecBI: From the pain of breach to fast, simple & accurate remediation

SecBI’s team balances entrepreneurship with proven domain expertise, technological ingenuity, large scale operational experience, and business leadership. Co-founded by cyber security experts who experienced the pain of an undetected attack which took months for full discovery and another month of mitigation, they founded SecBI to deliver a more effective and rapid threat detection and remediation solution that uses multiple sources in its threat analysis.

The SecBI Difference: eXtended threat detection & response (XDR) Solution

SecBI has evolved the traditional siloed approach in cybersecurity to an XDR Platform for unified, extended, cross-product integration of network, endpoint, and cloud security tools to deliver accurate and fast threat detection and response. As the market’s only vendor-agnostic platform, SecBI’s XDR maximizes organizations’ investments in their existing security tools by applying a layer of analytics upon each. In times when hackers target multi-vectors to penetrate networks, an XDR platform is an organization’s best multi-vector defense for end-to-end, effective and efficient automated, continuous detection and response of malicious communications. Organizations benefit from fast cloud-based deployment, seamlessly integration with all existing technologies, and avoids vendor lock-in. SecBI is used by financial, telecoms, retailers, and manufacturing enterprises worldwide.

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