About SecBI

About SecBI: Stop Chasing Anomalies and Alerts

SecBI’s team balances entrepreneurship with proven domain expertise, technological ingenuity, large scale operational experience, and business leadership. Co-founded by cyber security experts who experienced the pain of an undetected attack which took months for full discovery and another month of mitigation, they founded SecBI to deliver a more effective and rapid threat detection solution. Today, SecBI is a disruptive player in automated cyber threat detection and network traffic analysis. SecBI’s technology is used by financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, manufacturing and other enterprises worldwide.


The SecBI Difference: Full Scope Incident Reporting

Other detection technology offers random information on anamolies and sporadic alerts which must be manually followed and correlated by tedious investigation quests. SecBI provides advanced threat detection of complex and stealthy cyberattacks based on unsupervised machine learning, unveiling the full scope of an incident for faster and accurate mitigation. SOC analysts receive a report of attack-clusters, revealing the complete storyline of an incident that enables comprehensive and rapid mitigation.

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