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Are You Still Chasing Alerts Instead of Chasing Your Adversaries?
Today’s hackers have easy access to sophisticated tools that enable them to launch extremely stealthy attacks at very low cost. These attacks can bypass tradition...
European and US businesses in the crosshairs of nation state cyber espionage
Corporations used to think that their main threat was from cyber criminals, but recent events have changed this notion. According to a new report by Trend Micro, ...
Detection and Response is Top Security Priority for Organizations in 2017
Detection and Response is Top Security Priority for Organizations in 2017
Research firm Gartner today released a report titled “Market Insight: Security Market Transformation Disrupted by the Emergence of Smart, Pervasive and Efficient ...
2017 Cyber Security Predictions
As we greet another new year, we must remain vigilant in our fight against hackers and cyber criminals. Today’s sophisticated threats can have devastating eff...
If nobody looks at the alerts in the SIEM, are they really alerts?
It’s amazing how often I come across this statement from organizations. The motivation is good – better detection. Sometimes it involves implementing the late...
Re: Rise of non-deterministic Security!
Anton Chuvakin wrote a great blog about the future of machine-learning in cyber-security. My response was a bit too long for a comment, so I decided to post it as...
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