By Doron Davidson, Founder and VP of BD, SecBI

We are experiencing an unprecedented era during which more people work from home (those that didn’t lose their jobs), than those who work from the office.  When the original IT plans of organizations were designed to support 20-25% of employees to work remotely, many IT departments had to quickly pivot to enable 90-100% of their workforce to work from home. Obviously the changes required to meet the challenge of business continuity were daunting, but some organizations were more prepared than others.

Those using Zscaler’s gateway were prepared

If your organization uses Zscaler as the corporate network’s web gateway, you’ve always been able to work from home or office interchangeably.  All corporate resources remain accessible, internet access is not limited by bandwidth, and work can continue without interruption.

Yet, while business continuity has been maintained, the attack surface targeted by cyber criminals has expanded significantly. Habits have changed. A machine connected to the enterprise network that was previously under IT’s watch, patched by IT when requiring updates, and used primarily for work assignment, is now connected to home networks. And this massive change is happening while hackers are using the Covid-19 pandemic to bait users to open files, go to malicious or compromised websites, and other email and phishing scams to exploit new vulnerabilities.

SecBI understands that while business continuity is your main concern, cyber security needs to remain a part of your pandemic plan. Fortunately, SecBI has joined Zscaler to optimize your network’s detection and response to cyber threats. Our solutions’ integration is excellent for your day-to-day SOC (security operations centers) procedures to improve faster, more accurate mitigation via full-scope detection and automated response.

Better yet, over the next few months, SecBI is investing in offering its professional services teams to provide services for hunting, detection and response, TI management and other services to assist customers in need. This is not going to solve the Covid-19 pandemic, but it can make it easier to get back on track when it is all behind us.

Looking forward for better, safer, and healthier days. For more information around the joint Zscaler and SecBI solution, read here or contact us!