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For MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers)

Greater Productivity, Increased Revenue

Analysts agree that the MSSP market will grow by double digits given the complexity and frequency of cyber threats. But which MSSPs are adequately prepared to earn substantial profits, given the heavy load of resources needed to offer attractive and sufficient cyber services? Given the current productivity level of analysts in an MSSP, the key to success lies in offloading security tasks with automation and faster triage prioritization. Once these strategies are implemented, the task to distribute security resources more effectively and efficiently is simplified.

Malware Detection

SOC as a Service

Automated threat hunting

Automated Threat Detection, Hunting & Response

The SecBI solution is designed to transform how security operations work today, enabling the automation of the entire detection, hunting, and response processes, including remediation and prevention policy enforcements on all integrated appliances. MSSPs providing “SOC-as-a-Service” can easily take advantage of this end-to-end automation. Specifically, a MSSP’s service portfolio will be strengthened by SecBI’s automation for improved breach response, triage and filtering, faster introduction of new services, better customer service, full scope detection, and gap analysis capabilities that identify blind spots in customers’ networks and ways to remediate them. In addition, MSSPs can offer “hunting-as-a-service”, a cost-efficient approach to hunting based on full network traffic analysis.

SecBI’s automated threat detection, hunting and response solution is based on unsupervised and supervised machine learning, enabling MSSPs offering “SOC-as-a-Service” to grow their revenue with an expanded portfolio and better productivity. Given that it is software-only, working on virtual appliances, SecBI lends itself to multi-tenant, cloud-based or on-premise deployment, perfect for MSSP multi-use per customer. This ease of scalability lends itself perfectly for MSSP’s various service levels and tiered pricing options. While providing network traffic analysis without needing any additional sensors, MSSPs can deploy instances of SecBI to be activated within a few hours.

Malware Detection

Multi-Tenant, Cloud, or On-Premise Deployment

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