By Sarah Mehlman, Marketing Manager, SecBI

As Tel Aviv University’s cyberweek approaches, many cybersecurity experts are preparing to visit the beautiful Mediterranean city. Whether it’s your first or hundredth conference in Tel Aviv, we have a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your stay, beyond what you need to learn about the best-of-breed in cybersecurity, machine learning, threat detection, firewalls, and more…

First the basics. As Tel Aviv is known to be the “The City that never sleeps”, there are endless places to go in the evenings or on the weekend. But for a quick look, I’ve already done the work of compiling it for you in this one easy guide.

What to Pack

  • Comfortable shoes to walk around the conference
  • Keep comfortable, keep cool:  Israel is a fairly informal country so jeans and a polo or a short sleeve button up shirt will be appropriate. When deciding what to wear keep in mind while you don’t want to look scruffy, you also want to stay cool in the heat on your way back to the hotel.
  • Since Tel Aviv is on the Mediterranean Sea, you might want to bring some beach clothes, and sunglasses are a must! Sitting on the beach is a great way to unwind after a full day.
  • A water bottle – Tel Aviv is HOT, very HOT, especially in June so when packing, in addition to bringing all your essentials make sure you are prepared for the heat!
  • Your cellphone, your charger (portable chargers are key), and your international converter! Not only do you want to take pictures, and add new contacts to your contact list, but remember you are in a new city, you will want to use Waze, an Israeli GPS app, and you can’t do that if your cellphone loses battery. You also might want to consider downloading Gett, an Israeli-created app used to order taxis with the click of a button, which functions similar to Uber/Lyft.


Where to Eat

  • The Tel Aviv Port (The Namal): With plenty of nice restaurants to choose from and just a quick ride away from Tel Aviv University’s Cyberweek Conference, the port is popular among locals and tourists alike.
  • Hummus Yosef – You can’t come to Israel and not try the hummus! Hummus Yosef is conveniently located next to Tel Aviv University’s campus so you can grab a quick bite.
  • Zuk Farm – If you want more of a sit-down restaurant next to the university campus, Zuk Farm offers a variety of local flavors to help you enjoy your trip.
  • Zorik Cafe– Only a seven-minute car ride from the University, This cafe offers delicious American and Israeli classics for breakfast such as pancakes or Shakshuka.
  • HaKosem– Located in central Tel Aviv near the famous Dizengoff shopping center, “The Magician”, as it translates in English, is considered by some to have the best falafel and shawarma in the city.
  • The Old Man in the Sea– Located at the stunning Jaffa Port on the water, this fish restaurant is considered one of Tel Aviv’s finest and in addition to the seafood, each meal comes with a giant spread of salads, dips, and bread.


Things to See

  • The Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel) – To get a great taste of Israeli culture, the Carmel Market is a must-see. An outdoor market full of delicious foods, spices, and fun souvenirs, it’s a great place to spend any free time you have.
  • The Gordon Beach – One of the most popular beaches among Israelis, the Gordon beach is easy to access no matter where you are staying.
  • Sarona Market– This new upscale Tel Aviv center serves all different types of gourmet foods and drinks, located in a beautiful compound with surrounding shops and restaurants.
  • Port of Jaffa– This ancient port on the Mediterranean Sea will transport you back into time, filled with magical aromas, shops, restaurants, and even an antique flea market (Shuk HaPishpushim). Jaffa is located right under Tel Aviv and is accessible by foot, public transport, or taxi.
  • Rabin Square– Located in central Tel Aviv, Rabin Square is an extremely lively area with a plethora of events, shops, restaurants, and great vibes.
  • Yarkon Park– Named after the Yarkon River which flows through it, the park includes extensive lawns, sports facilities, botanical gardens, an aviary, a water park, two outdoor concert venues, and lakes. The Park is conveniently located next to Tel Aviv University’s campus where Cyberweek is held.
  • Spicehaus– This bar serves amazing and unique cocktails with an option to sit inside with great ambiance and decor or outside with a great people-watching view to one of Tel Aviv’s most lively streets, Dizengoff.

Vendors to Visit

  • CheckPoint – Founded in Israel, CheckPoint quickly became the pioneer and largest providers of firewalls and other related products for IT security.
  • McAfee – Although known primarily for its anti-virus solutions, McAfee is quickly becoming known for its end point solutions.
  • SecBI – SecBI is quickly gaining a reputation for automated detection and response that remediates attacks others miss,  and by doing so, transforming the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprises’ security operations (SOC) in-house or managed services (MSS).