By Sarah Mehlman, Marketing Manager, SecBI

Get to know, a member of SecBI’s R&D team, Ligal Levy. Ligal, a former member of an Israeli army’s intelligence unit, focuses on designing and developing SecBI’s software to enable SOCs and MSSPs to detect, investigate and remediate stealthy cyber threats.

1. What did you do during your career in the Israeli Defense Force?

I was in the 8200 intelligence unit. The work I did there gave me an edge to begin a career in the Israeli cyber market.

2. When did you start at SecBI?

I started at SecBI about 6 months ago. This is actually my first job after the army. I was in the army for 7 years as an officer and when I began searching for a career in the private sector that would be the right fit for me, I found SecBI. I know it sounds corny but I really fell in love with SecBI. The product is something that can enable companies to quickly find and fix cyber breaches. This, plus the amazing people I met here, made me very eager to join the team.

3. What made you become interested in being a cybersecurity developer?

I was first exposed to the world of cyber during my time in the army since it was one of the main focuses in my unit. Although I didn’t work as a developer I was surrounded by the field and found it very intriguing. After I began learning about it more it became my passion. Now that I completed my degree in this field I have the basics down, so I am perfecting my skills and learning from the rest of the development team at SecBI.

4. What do you think is the most valuable feature of SecBI?

This is a tough question. I would have to say the most valuable feature is that we give the customer the full-scope of each suspicious incident. Instead of a SOC analysts tediously sifting through thousands of alerts, we give them all that info they need, such as which endpoints are infected, which users, and how the breach entered the system and how it’s spreading through the system which saves them massive amounts of time.

Basically, we don’t only detect malicious incidents but we also use a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning to handle the investigation process for the analysts which saves them months of digging and wasting time running after false positives. And now we also give them the option to automate their response which is pretty cool.

Another aspect I have to say I’m also very proud of is that we apply artificial intelligence (AI) analytics onto the data we get from logs so we are able to find threats that would otherwise be missed.

5. What has been your experience in the typically male-dominated fields of development and cybersecurity?

During my degree and army, I’ve been lucky and have worked with people, both men and women, that are very aware of the lack of women in the field so I’ve been able to become aware of and involved in many projects to help change that. There are many projects in Israeli high schools to promote women to enter technological fields if it’s their passion. There are also many conferences here that provide opportunities for girls interested in tech such as SheCodes and CyberGirlz.

Honestly, I haven’t felt any discomfort being in the gender minority at SecBI. The guys I work with were really welcoming and value my opinion as an equal.

I’m really proud of myself for entering this line of work. I really love what I do and what I work on which is what I think matters more than gender. I think skillset and passion are what matter most and as more people begin to realize that, and as programs, like the ones I mentioned above, continue to grow, I think we will begin to see more women in tech fields.

6. Lastly, what do you enjoy doing in your free time outside of work?

Okay, this is an easy one! I like to go to a studio and workout with a program that is similar to CrossFit – That is something I really love actually. I also love meeting up with friends and watching Game of Thrones – I’m a huge fan!

Oh, also, I love to cook and bake. I like to cook everything from big Friday night meals for my family to fun cookies and cakes for friends to enjoy.

7. Are there any interesting facts about you, I forgot to ask about?

I grew up in an area near the Sea of Galilee and my name, Ligal, means my wave.


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