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16 September 2018

Identifying the Cyber Kill Chain

When a cyberattack takes place, the defending side detects very few indications, some of which are random. The difficulty is connecting these indications into a single, consistent context. Special interview with the VP of the SecBI Company, established to provide a solution to this specific problem ...
18 July 2018

Digital Journal: Q&A: Cybersecurity risks associated with the smart home

Cybersecurity expert Alex Vaystikh recently bought a new dishwasher before realizing that it connects to his Wi-fi to download updates. In an exclusive interview with Digital Journal, Vaystikh expands on smart home risks. The smart home (or 'connected home'), describes how the as-built home environment becomes equipped with modern automation systems to provide a practical way of controlling electronic devices for the consumer. In recent years, a range of smart home devices has emerged, which are connected to the Internet of Things. Does this connectivity present a cybersecurity risk?...
18 July 2018

ITWeb: Is machine learning hampering security?

Machine learning anomaly detection has been hyped as the answer to increasingly ineffective signature AV solutions. Yet it often makes the security analyst's job more difficult. So says Alex Vaystikh, CTO and co-founder of SecBI, who adds: "If machine learning is pure anomaly detection, it creates many alerts, most of which are false positives and without context. If you simply deploy a solution to find out if something abnormal is taking place, you're going to get thousands of alerts. This forces the analyst to look at more incidents and actually work harder than before." ...
27 June 2018

THE MARKER: Hackers also have artificial intelligence By SecBI’S CTO Alex Vaystikh (Click for the original article in Hebrew)

The Marker: Will developments in the artificial intelligence world help us once and for all from the threat of hackers? Because the existing artificial intelligence mechanisms are not equipped to deal with advanced security threats, the concept of machine learning as a science that drives computers to operate without being programmed, has been developed. Unsupervised machine learning is now considered the forefront of AI development, and the results that it is generating were thought to be imaginary but only a few years ago. Machine learning enables organizations to analyze large volumes of data and identify hidden patterns without having to "learn" the baseline of activities and seek deviat...
04 June 2018

SECURITY BOULEVARD: New Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks on Intellectual Property

Could a trade war create a spike in hacking attempts? That’s the concern of cybersecurity professionals, who believe that the proposed new tariffs instituted by the United States will lead to an uptick in cyberattacks from China, and this could directly affect American intellectual property (IP). SecBI’s CTO and Co-found, Alex Vaystikh said, “ IP is most vulnerable right now, before the tariffs are actually imposed. “The reason why IP theft increases and we’re likely to see a blitz is because, with new tariffs, there is a possibility of stronger security walls put around this information, making it harder to access. With this concern, hackers are considering an all-out grab now of whatever t...
07 May 2018

Journal of Cyber Policy: RSA 2018 Profile: SecBI

“All The President’s Men” is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s got everything you want in a film: great acting, suspense, an important subject, and an eerie premonition about the difficulty of using machine learning in threat detection. Getting the overview is the mission of SecBI, a solution that provides what the company calls “Full Scope Detection” of activities on a network…...
02 May 2018


WARSAW and TEL AVIV, Israel, May 2, 2018 - SecBI, a disruptive player in automated cyber threat detection and network traffic analysis, today announced an agreement with Orange Polska (WSE: OPL), a convergent operator in the Polish market and member of the Orange Group, in the field of network security. (more…)...
26 April 2018


TEL AVIV, Israel, April 26, 2018 - SecBI, a disruptive player in automated cyber threat detection and network traffic analysis, today announced that its co-founder and VP of business development and customer success Doron Davidson has been invited to speak about “Autonomous Investigation with Effective Remediation” at the upcoming TCS Innovation Forum. The presentation is part of the forum’s Digital Security track. (more…)...
04 April 2018

CSO: How to detect and prevent crypto mining malware

Hackers are placing crypto mining software on devices, networks, and websites at an alarming rate. These tools can help spot it before it does great harm. SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology deals with this issue by using machine learning to look for suspicious patterns in the vast sea of data that come through corporate networks....
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