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Intrusion detection

SecBI for Managed Services

For Managed Security Service Providers, rapid investigation and response is critical for the security of your customers. But the increasing number of alerts and the growing sophistication of advanced threats means more work for your security analysts, who need to sift through mountains of data in order to investigate, verify and respond to every alert. SecBI helps MSSPs to provide more efficient and accurate service to their customers by:

  • Shortening investigation time for suspected incidents
  • Recommending the optimal mitigation steps with the smallest business impact
  • Cutting the complexity of investigations and tedious searching, by putting all of the data into context, a your fingertips
  • Making sure you don’t miss important incidents due to the large volume of alerts and event
Intrusion Detection Tool

SecBI for Channel Partners

We are looking for select channel partners in the US and EMEA to resell the SecBI SOC Investigation Platform, a unique solution that addresses the bottleneck for Security Incident Response in many organizations.
With SecBI, enterprises can:

  • Detect and remediate attacks faster through more accurate incident investigation and remediation
  • Lessen the risk of missing an attack in progress in the mass of big data and alerts
  • Substantially shorten investigation time for suspected incidents
  • Ensure that response does not interrupt business continuity
  • Lower the cost of incident response
  • Gain access to vital security data

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