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The SecBI XDR Technology Partnership Program

The SecBI XDR Technology Partnership Program

Businesses are looking beyond security solutions that address only one attack vector in a single part of the network, because cyber criminals have gone way beyond single-vector hacks. Stealthy attacks target multiple vectors, complicating detection and response. That’s why the SecBI XDR platform takes a multi-vector approach, applying a proactive layer of machine learning-based analytics across data ingested from endpoint, network, and cloud security tools. SecBI XDR intelligently unifies security data and alerts, and autonomously investigates multi-vector attack forensics to assure accurate detection and to automate a fast and accurate response.

By joining the SecBI XDR Technology Partnership Program (TPP), you benefit from immediate opportunities to open new markets and increase revenue. Our vendor partners offer customers both faster and more accurate threat detection and response, in addition to optimized investments in their existing infrastructure. Transform your EDR, mail gateway, or web gateway solution into an XDR platform, enabling SOC teams to optimize and automate threat detection, investigation, and response across all attack vectors.


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