Addition of key ingredient missing from the SOAR market provides enterprise and managed security operations with maximum productivity and effectiveness against cyber threats

TEL AVIV, Israel – June 10, 2019 – SecBI, a disruptive player in cyber threat management, today announced the extension of its agent-less, threat detection solution with automated response. Now security operations centers (SOC) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) can benefit from a comprehensive solution including detection, investigation, and automated response that delivers significant boosts in effectiveness and productivity.

Despite the intuitive coupling of automated response with advanced, machine-learning detection, the SOAR (security, orchestration, automated response) solutions available on the market typically fall short of offering both functionalities.

“Talk about scaling the SOC often seems to involve a connected series of fools’ errands,” said Hugh Taylor, industry analyst and executive editor of Journal of Cyber Policy. “People try to build organizations they can’t staff and automate for scenarios they can’t imagine. It doesn’t work. What SecBI is doing to fight this seemingly unwinnable battle is to automate the response process using AI. This way, the SOC is reacting intelligently, even to previously unknown threats, without having to resort to a playbook. Now, you can actually scale the SOC.”

“Until now, ‘automation’ in a SOC has referred to playbook and workflows, ignoring all the progress made in advanced detection,” said Gilad Peleg, CEO of SecBI. “SecBI’s flavor of automation offers both data-driven detection powered by our proprietary Autonomous Investigation™ technology, and flexible, automated response that meets the requirements of every SOC and MSSP.”

Security operations using SecBI’s automated detection and response solution will benefit from:

  • Full scope detection of suspicious incidents
  • Drastically improved analyst productivity
  • Instant coupling of detection with comprehensive response to threats, preventing damage, dwell time or further infection
  • Better prevention due to automatic delivery of information from response mechanisms

“When using automation via playbooks alone, analysts are plagued by large numbers of false positives and partial information on sporadic anomalies, often causing them to miss the stealthy threats,” added Peleg. “The level of automation provided by our new version truly constitutes a breakthrough in cyber security.”

About SecBI

SecBI is an AI-based cybersecurity automation solution that makes detection and response, accurate and simple. SecBI has developed a revolutionary approach to network traffic analysis (NTA) to deliver automated threat detection, investigation and response for security operations centers (SOCs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs). Its value is best understood in contrast to solutions that generate sporadic alerts and anomalies requiring manual correlation, investigation, and remediation. SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation™ technology incorporates machine learning to uncover the full scope of every suspicious incident, including all affected entities, within minutes. Without the need for special appliances or agents, the solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and is currently used by financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and manufacturing enterprises worldwide. For more information, visit:  or write:




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