TEL AVIV, IsraelApril 26, 2018 – SecBI, a disruptive player in automated cyber threat detection and network traffic analysis, today announced that its co-founder and VP of business development and customer success Doron Davidson has been invited to speak about “Autonomous Investigation with Effective Remediation” at the upcoming TCS Innovation Forum. The presentation is part of the forum’s Digital Security track.

Tata Consultancy Services Innovation Forum 2018 will take place on May 2, 2018 in London. With a
theme of ‘Innovation Driven Business 4.0,’ the event will focus on how businesses today are engaged in
a profound technology-driven transformation to become more intelligent, agile, and automated.
However, this digitalization comes with the price of creating increased attack surfaces for hackers. For
this reason, the Digital Security track takes a prominent place in the Forum’s agenda. Given Tata’s
selection of SecBI as the expert on next-gen network traffic analysis (NTA) for threat detection, Doron
will dive into the many advantages of machine learning-based detection, investigation and incident

Gilad Peleg, CEO of SecBI, said, “As part of our collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services, we are
honored that SecBI has been invited to this prestigious innovation event to present our automated
threat detection and investigation technology. We welcome this opportunity to communicate the
significant benefits of machine learning and our appliance-less, cluster-based approach for SOC
efficiencies to TCS customers.”

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation™ technology is based on unsupervised machine learning that analyzes
network traffic to detect complex and stealthy cybersecurity threats. It instantly unveils an attack’s full
scope, accelerating detection and threat hunting, and optimizing response and mitigation, without the
need to deploy appliances or sensors. Security analysts are presented with complete attack narratives
including actionable information, giving them visibility of all users, devices and infection points involved
in an attack, enabling rapid and accurate remediation.

“The SecBI next-gen NTA solution, allows managed security services providers (MSSPs), such as Tata’s, to
acquire new customers and create additional revenue streams with differentiated threat detection
services that add unprecedented network visibility and resource efficiencies in SOCs,” added Peleg.


About SecBI
SecBI has developed a revolutionary approach to network traffic analysis that delivers automated threat
detection and investigation for security operations centers (SOCs) and managed security service
providers (MSSPs). The company’s value is best understood in contrast to solutions that offer detection
via random alerts and anomalies requiring manual correlation and investigation. SecBI’s Autonomous
Investigation™ technology incorporates machine learning to uncover a full scope report on every
suspicious incident, including all affected entities (e.g. users, domains, devices) within minutes. Without
the need to deploy network sensors, packet capture appliances or end-point agents, the solution can be
deployed on premises or in the cloud, and is currently used by financial institutions, telecoms, retailers,
and manufacturing enterprises worldwide. For more information, visit: or write:

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