Doron Davidson

Doron Davidson, SecBI Co-Founder, and VP Global Service LogPoint

What a fantastic experience. Seven years in pursuit of our dream is coming to an end – but actually, it’s a new beginning. Our dream was to automate knowledge-sharing across cybersecurity teams, adding automation to every SOC worldwide. Our dream was to enrich existing processes and know-how and turn it into playbooks. Sharing playbooks with fellow analysts, adding automation and machine learning to detect threats faster, and investigate and uncover the full scope of cyberattacks.

As an entrepreneur, I know that dreaming and ideating are important, but execution is even more important. Now, we’re facing an unprecedented opportunity, multiplying our ability to execute: from data ingestion and processing power to machine learning development. Adding sales execution and a huge customer base that needs automation. It’s not every day an entrepreneur meets another entrepreneur, that shares the dream and has an amazing ability to execute. That is how I feel about joining forces with @LogPoint. A force multiplier proving 1+1>2.

So today, we’re trading in the SecBI dream for a bigger one. The dream of creating the best SIEM+SOAR solution in the world, and doing XDR the right way.

I’m excited about the future. Stay tuned…

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