By Susan Becker, VP of Marketing, SecBI

It is probably obvious from my marketing perspective what I am going to say. Still, the recent events with one of our prominent customers encourage me to write a few lines. More often than not, enterprises and organizations are reticent in allowing a cybersecurity vendor to publicize the installation of a cyber solution. Perhaps they believe that publicity highlights weaknesses in their IT systems, or worse, is witness to some previous breach.

I have a different perspective. By now it’s become obvious that every enterprise and organization is vulnerable to a cyber attack. The larger organizations may be on the radar for nation-state attacks, and the smaller ones should be on the lookout for the student hacker testing how far they can get into the company network. Methods ranging from malware, command&control, or crypto-jacking are often  used. Customer data may be stolen and used, or sensitive data may be exfiltrated. In any of the above scenarios, solutions are required to prevent such attacks, and when prevention fails, fast advanced detection is critical.

So what I don’t understand is, why wouldn’t enterprises want to publicize that they are protected by innovative, advanced solutions? Why wouldn’t they want their customers to know that they are protecting their crown jewels, their data, their credit card or bank information?

I contend that it is not only worthwhile to broadcast to customers when enterprises invest time and money to protect their assets, but it is also possible to improve the company’s branding by a publication of their cybersecurity measures. That knowing that the brand you trust for their goods is also a brand you trust with your data.

Here is one example of our customers who understand this positive platform and worked with market analyst Patrick Donegan of HardenStance to prove this. 

We applaud our customer Orange Polska for understanding both the need for more effective cybersecurity approaches, and the value in its publication!