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Vendor Integration

Security vendors often fall short on their business case to improve enterprise ROI. Here is where SecBI can help. The SecBI solution is a force multiplier, a productivity enhancer and efficiency driver. Adding new services such as hunting as a service, automated response, or network audit or analysis on the fly are just a few ways that SecBI enhances revenue streams. Integration with SecBI is simple and fast,  integrating seamlessly to ingest the logs from existing security infrastructure at enterprises and MSSPs.

Cybersecurity vendors who are already integrated are listed below. New ones are constantly being added for our customers’ convenience and defense against the next level of malicious communications and cyberattacks.

Network Infrastructure Vendors

SIEM Vendors

Arcsight-Logo IBM Radar Logo

Orchestration Vendors

Phantom-Logo Demisto-Logo

Endpoint Defense Vendors

SentinelOne-Logo Crowd Strike-Logo CYLANCE-Logo Carbon Black
Solution Brief for EPP/EDR Vendors
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