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SecBI’s threat detection and response aims to eliminate two key problems  for SOCs and MSSPs: quickly identifying and responding to stealthy threats, particularly the ones that solutions requiring agents will miss, such as end point (EDR) solutions. See how:

SecBI: Advanced Threat Detection

Enterprises and organizations are faced with growing cyber security challenges.

Highly capable hackers and cyber criminals use stealthy techniques with growing sophistication to bypass prevention systems.

Fighting them is a demanding task.

Some of the most advanced cyber security solutions try to find anomalies in the data by comparing them them to a behavior baseline. But without context they simply generate an overwhelming number of alerts. Many of which are false positives and do not discover the full scope of the breach.

Full extent of breach is unclear.

Data is exfiltrated from the organization.

Long time to detect a breach.

Mitigation is difficult and incomplete.

SecBI brings a new approach.

Autonomous Investigation

The system detects hidden threats by using artificial intelligence to analyze network traffic.

Billions of network logs are grouped together by SecBI’s unsupervised machine learning algorithms

showing complete activity storyline spanning any number of users and devices over any duration.

The system continuously monitors all clusters for malicious activity.

Each cluster represents a complete activity rather than disparate events, making detection fast and accurate.

High severity incidents are displayed to the analysts providing a full scope description of the attack with no false positives.

All this enables accurate detection at machine speed and immediate response reducing dwell time from days to minutes.

SecBI does not require packet capture appliances, no end point agents, and no guessing in the dark.

In an era where compromise is certain, detection is key.

Stop chasing anomalies and alerts.

Augment your analysts with SecBI.

Automating threat detection and incident investigation.

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