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SecBI XDR 2021 Survey Report

Extended Threat Detection and Response, or XDR, was created in response to cybersecurity challenges that arose from the growing inability of SOC teams to detect and respond to incoming threats in a timely and efficient manner despite the many security products used to protect the enterprise. While XDR may still be thought of as an “emerging” technology, Gartner  unequivocally identified XDR as the top security trend in 2019. Since then, XDR has proven its ability to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of threat detection and response, and to improve SOC efficiency and productivity as it offloads much of the investigative and operational burden from SOC staff to automated processes.

Who is adopting XDR? Is XDR becoming a “must have” in cybersecurity operations?

In late 2020, SecBI conducted an international survey to answer those questions. We gained insight on the awareness and adoption of XDR in enterprise security operations, along with the impact of XDR on the cybersecurity posture of the organization.

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