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SecBI Managed XDR Services

Expert Threat Detection, Response and Hunting

SecBI Managed Security Services lifts the burden of time-consuming cycles with a faster and more accurate threat detection and response service. Cybersecurity teams are swamped with alerts and may not have the resources or expertise to respond quickly. Investigations are time-consuming, often requiring a manual effort to stitch together data from disparate toolsets, while stealth attacks and threats go undetected.


Lift the burden from your in house team

Automated threat hunting

Expert Monitoring, Detection, Investigation, Response

SecBI Managed XDR Services supports all security teams with expert monitoring, detection, investigation, and response to cyberattacks threatening businesses every day. SecBI experts will help quickly assess and determine the full scope of an attack and detail the root cause. SecBI’s proprietary analytics engine uses log data and telemetry from existing security controls, to continuously monitor for suspicious behavior and known cyber threats. Detected threats are immediately investigated. False positives are resolved quickly, and security teams receive a detailed Threat Report detailing the investigation performed.

SecBI’s Managed Threat Hunting service proactively hunts for anomalous and unusual activity of stealthy, persistent attacks or other malicious threats. Using SecBI’s proprietary analytics engine, our security team combs through historical data sets and current data points to identify the fingerprint and methodology of the attack.  Once a behavior and/or indicator of compromise (IOC) is verified, the SecBI team automatically launches a full, proactive Threat Hunting investigation, which includes:

  • Full-scope investigation (access, vectors, C&C, exfiltration, and more)
  • Find all compromised devices/users
  • Recommend response and recovery actions
  • Generate detailed Threat Detection & Response Report

Proactive Threat Hunting

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With SecBI Managed XDR Services you get

To spend less time operating products and juggling alerts! SecBI tells you what you need to know and what you should care about!

Focus on what matters

We detect your threats, filter out false positives and quickly engage you on the high-fidelity threats you need to care about.

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