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Universal XDR

SecBI Universal XDR Platform
Transcending Cybersecurity Silos

As you integrate your best-in-class security tools under one Universal XDR overlay, you transcend traditional security silo barriers and gain compelling benefits for your security team and much better cybersecurity for your business.

Accurate and Fast Threat Detection and Response

  • Automated correlation of incident data speeds detection and reduces false positives
  • No blind spots thanks to full-scope, multi-vector threat visibility
  • Automated orchestration of incident response assures timely and full remediation
  • Simplified threat hunting
  • Scalable to any volume of alerts and security data

Better SOC productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind

SecBI XDR intelligence and automation do the heavy lifting, so you can accelerate the investigation of complex threats and greatly  reduce or even eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual processes required to respond to them.

  • Reduce “noise” from low-level alerts and automate response
  • Improve MTTD and MTTR
  • Empower SOC teams to collaborate with 3rd parties and work from anywhere
  • Do more with fewer security skills and personnel
  • Maximize ROI from existing security products and best-in-class tools by integrating them under one Universal XDR overlay

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Point security products generate huge volumes of security data with little correlation and context. The result is painful correlation work and slow investigation processes. Universal XDR uses ingested data collected from your network, endpoint and cloud infrastructure to cover all security vectors across your organization. By intelligently unifying and synchronizing “X” sources of data and alerts from security controls such as EPP/EDR, security gateways, SIEM, and SOAR, the Universal XDR delivers better, faster threat detection with smart automated response to organizations’ security teams.




Customers of Universal XDR benefit from continuous, automated threat investigation using behavioral, cluster-based analytics on data derived from endpoint protection, security gateways, SIEM and other tools. Within minutes of suspicious communications, security analysts receive the full scope of affected users and devices, preventing partial remediation, and automatic cleaning of all affected entities. Using unsupervised machine learning, Universal XDR automatically detects suspicious behaviors through grouping of network and endpoint data without any pre-knowledge of the network or the attack patterns. Saving massive time in manual investigations, SecBI’s behavioral analytics identifies all the users and devices that exhibition similar behaviors.

SecBI’s Universal XDR fully automated investigation allowed immediate and complete response reducing dramatically the time it takes to remove the threat from the network. With Universal XDR the system traces the root cause, reconstructing the rest of the attack. Despite the intuitive coupling of automated response that follows accurate, detection, solutions available in the market offer primarily playbook automation. Very often, deployment is a complicated, long process. Universal XDR Platform offers complete smart automation with simple integration. Customers benefit from both options: a wide range of predefined automated workflows, and the flexibility to inject responses into the workflow for pinpointed actions. It’s configured for easily adding playbooks and connections to different security appliances for a wide range of mitigation and update of policies on all relevant security appliances.

Orchestration & Automation

Automated DETECTION & response: to protect your brand with fast, smart remediation

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